Jun 12, 2024  
2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Center for Student Professional Development

Dr. Benjamin Rusiloski, Executive Director
Stacy Swearengen - Coordinator of Career Services
Deanna Parkton-Coordinator of Experiential Learning
Darrah Mugrauer- Advisor
Matthew Kaminski-Lucas- Study Abroad Coordinator
Priscilla Jackson- Office Coordinator

The Center for Student Professional Development assists students of Delaware Valley University in fulfilling the Experience 360 Program and executing their career goals. We serve as the bridge between University experiences and employment or graduate school assisting students and alumni in applying what they have learned. By providing comprehensive resources, programs and counseling on career development, employment, and graduate school, the office assists students and alumni with making career decisions, connecting with employers and attaining their life goals.


The mission of the Center for Student Professional Development is to provide guidance and resources to our student body for the achievement of their career-related goals.

In partnership with the students and alumni, the office will facilitate lifelong career development through self-awareness, career exploration, career decision-making and the implementation and reflection of career choices.

In partnership with the faculty and University staff, the office will administer the Experience 360 Program and provide coaching and resources for students and alumni to aid in achieving career-related goals.

In partnership with alumni, parents and employers, the office will develop informational and experiential networks that involve them as resources in support of the career development of the students.

In partnership with employers, the office will maintain existing and develop new relationships with a base of employers who have an ongoing interest in employment potential and careers of students and alumni.

* For information see the Experience 360 program.