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2015-2016 Catalog 
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Animal Science

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Pamela J. Reed, Chairperson
Sara Crawford
Rodney Gilbert
Larry D. Morris
Marta Piotrow
Bruce F. Richards
Robin S. Shedlauskas

The Animal Science Department offers a four-year Bachelor of Science degree. Students can select from three specializations offered by the department: Equine Science and Management, Livestock Science and Management or Science. Students selecting the Equine Science specialization will learn the humane care, science, use and production of horses as they are used for pleasure and profit in the Equine industry. Students selecting the Livestock Science specialization will also learn the humane care, science, use, and production of farm animals as they are used for the production of meat and fiber. The Science specialization, which requires more courses to be taken in biology, chemistry and mathematics, is expected to appeal to those students who have an interest in the Animal Sciences and are considering furthering their education in either veterinary or graduate school.

The Department maintains livestock facilities which give students an opportunity to participate in the care, breeding, and management of beef cattle, sheep, swine, and horses. All livestock facilities are located on campus and within walking distance of the dormitories and classrooms. Graduates of the Animal Science Department have a wide variety of career options available due to the diversity of the collegiate training and the work experience related to the major.

Delaware Valley College Animal Science graduates are sought by industry for employment as livestock managers and herd managers, breed association representatives, extension livestock specialists, and artificial insemination technicians. As a result of training in both livestock production and business, many graduates obtain employment with pharmaceutical companies, feed manufacturers, and veterinary supply companies. Students graduating recently with a degree in Animal Science have found positions such as: Animal Caretaker, Cooperative Extension Agent, Lab Technician, Herdsperson, Kennel Manager, and Zookeeper.

Animal Science also offers the opportunity for a career in education. Many graduates are involved with 4-H, and FFA programs as well as teaching vocational education and science in high schools. For graduates interested in pursuing additional training in either veterinary medicine or graduate studies, one will find DelVal alumni attending universities throughout the U.S.

The total number of credits required for graduation with a degree in Animal Science is 128 credits, which includes 4 credits for completion of the Experiential Learning Program.

The Experiential Learning Program (ExLP) at Delaware Valley College is a graduation requirement for all full-time undergraduate students. Students can choose from multiple experiential learning activities and will earn 4 credits for the ExLP depending on their major’s program requirements.

Minimum requirements:

  • Full-time undergraduate students must complete a minimum of two experiential learning activities with at least one for academic credit.
  • Students must have completed 27 credits to enroll in Experiential Learning Activities.
  • All students must complete an introductory course prior to enrolling in any Experiential Learning Activities.

Students must consult with their Department Chair for specific major requirements to complete the Experiential Learning Program.


Students specializing in Livestock Science and Management may take additional courses that may be approved for a Minor in Pre-veterinary Science. Substitutions may be arranged in advance with permission of the Animal Science department chairperson.

International Exchange

Animal Science students may participate in a one-semester exchange program at Hartpury College, Gloucestershire, Great Britain during the spring semester of their junior year. Contact the Animal Science Department to apply.


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