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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MHA 6055 - Capstone: Strategic Management and Leadership for Healthcare

In the capstone course, students apply and
demonstrate knowledge, theories, principles,
methods, skills, competencies, values, and
perspectives developed throughout the MHA
curriculum to resolve “real” health administration
challenges. The focus of this course is on the
creation of a Capstone Project that’s designed to
integrate the components of healthcare
organizational strategy development and execution.

The course will cover the following content areas:
Techniques for determining strategies for unique
services; integration of strategy, structure, and
administrative systems; how to lead organizational
challenges (e.g., organization change, building
strong culture, developing effective teams,
resolving conflicts, implementing effective
motivational systems, and nurturing a learning
organization); self-development; organizational
design and governance; power, politics and
conflict; human resource processes; and
organizational change and innovation; micro and
macro organizational behavior theories; processes
of communication, value analysis, problem solving
and decision making are explored at an individual,
team and organizational level; models of

The final capstone project will require students
to:  Integrate the specialized disciplines and
knowledge learned from previous MHA courses
through the use of case analyses and action
research. Students are challenged to formulate
strategies that address complex problems and
situations faced by managers of health services
organizations. Students will utilize industry case
studies to research and examine issues associated
with strategic change and the alignment of health
services organizations within their environment.
Students will present solutions to these issues to
a board of higher education faculty and
administration, healthcare executives and experts
from the community, who will challenge students to
formulate and inform strategies and business plans
to address problems faced today in the world of
health care delivery” 
.    ”Provides students with the opportunity to
analyze and observe executive role models and to
assess and develop their own management
.     “This course requires students to conduct
individual integrative projects that address and
analyze topics important both to the student and
the preceptor through demonstration of
program-defined competencies”

3 Hours Lecture
3 Credits

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