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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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EDU 8011 - Superintendent Leadership, Policy And Politics

This course will focus on the current issues in education policy. Students will explore the role of participants and the procedures used in the development of public policies effecting educational organizations. The content focuses on the complex political, societal, economic, and global issues that impact schools and districts. Students will examine issues and case studies on topics including federal accountability, federal and state legislation, diversity, inclusion, gender equity, social justice, and equal opportunity. Other topics include the role of unions, growth of charter schools, school reform movements and the educational leader’s role and application of the PA Leadership Standards.


In addition, this course focuses on organizational and leadership theories as they relate to K-12 institutions.  The course will also address the impact of diversity and culture in respect to change in educational institutions. The key competencies for change begin with leadership built on competence and character.  This course will help leaders think strategically about promoting and supporting organizational change that leads to improvements in instruction, learning and student achievement.  Change, even in the smallest increment, often meets with resistance. Throughout this course, leaders will explore strategies to support teachers and principals in making and sustaining significant changes in practice.


This course will survey a variety of the leaders in respect to Education Policy, Change Theory and overall Education Leadership to help aspiring leaders develop their own definition of Leadership.  By linking theory to practice, leaders will be empowered to make decisions to plan strategically, communicate effectively, build culture and community, and engage stakeholders.  Each person’s background experiences will influence the way the leader defines and implements a leadership persona.

The course will be highly interactive. As such, the quality of the class experience will be a function of engagement in class activities. The course will rely heavily on interactive lecture, group discussion, and leadership scenarios.


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