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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog
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LAES 4126 - Hydraulic Soils and Wetland Delineation

This is a rigorous, multi-disciplinary course that
builds on students’ other course work in the
Environmental Science program. Wetlands are an
important aspect of the terrestrial environment
I’or many reasons, and students in Environmental
Science should have a basic understanding of’
their functioning and need for protection. Wetland
delineation is a practical, in-demand skill. There
are many environmental consultingjobs that require
this skill, and there are not many people
specifically trained for it. Students who take
this course and complete other coursework
requirements will be prepared to apply for Wetland
Professional in Training certification from the
Society of Wetland Scientists after graduation.
Because it is predominantly a soils course, Hydric
Soils & Wetland Delineation can also be applied
towards a student’s application to become a
Certified Professional Soil Scientist f’rom the
Soil Science Society of America after graduation.

Prereq/Corequisite LAES-4126L

3 Hours
3 Credits

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